Why Choose ManageAir to Manage Your Airbnb Bookings?

Our aim is to manage your property rental through the Airbnb platform. We aim to maximise your rental revenue by optimising occupancy and, through the use of various pre-defined metrics, ensure that your property is priced right at all times. We price our properties dynamically, rising when we can and dropping down when needed. Our aim is to strike a balance between the price per night and the occupancy. Our interests are aligned with owners here as we don’t see a point in having an empty night, ever.

The Role of the Property Owner and the Host (ManageAir)

We currently specialise in the following areas of Cape Town ‒ City Bowl, Sea Point, Atlantic Seaboard, but we are always on the lookout for properties that offer unique experiences further out of town.
After an interview with you, the property owner, we will load your property under our profile and become the “host” of your house. Our aim is to be a 5-star host and this is achieved in a number of ways. We then handle the bookings coming in and communicate with online enquiries timeously; quick response time is just one factor in a 5-star host rating. When a booking is made, the guests are immediately sent a welcome email with a curated list of things to do while in Cape Town. This helps them begin to plan what to do with their time in the city. We will also recommend activities and places to eat and drink based on the location of the property. This is another important factor in guest experience ‒ they want to travel and experience the neighbourhood they are staying in. This is why they have chosen Airbnb: to avoid a generic hotel experience.

Guests and How ManageAir Hosts Them

A pre-screening of guests is performed to ensure they have the right references as guests. House rules are laid out and a pre-inspection is performed. We will provide guests with a gift on arrival. We use our discretion for the gift and it is relative to the amount paid per night and the number of nights booked. When the guests check out we are there to do an inspection. We provide the cleaning service after the guests have left. This includes laundry and linen. Any wear and tear maintenance that we notice during inspection will be communicated to the property owner and ManageAir can facilitate work required.
As the property owner, we understand that you might want to make use of your property from time to time. All we do is block off any dates that you or your friends may want to use the property to ensure that we don’t allow bookings to be made over the defined period. Please be aware that cancelling a guest’s stay after they have booked often reflects negatively on a host’s rating, so this should be avoided as much as possible.

The Pricing and Payment Process

We take 19.5% of the nightly rate (ex VAT) of the revenue we generate for your property, however we are negotiable depending on the type of property you have!

This model of short-term rental really is a no-brainer for property owners in the areas we cover. Let us know if you would like to set up an appointment for us to meet in person and get your property online and earning as soon as possible.