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By introducing and optimising the factors that influence occupancy and the price you’re able to charge you can create a compounding effect where each factor stacked on top of the other leverages off the last. The results are astounding. I will email this to you within a week.

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My path to freedom:

In 2014 I had serious concerns about how I was, as an individual bound to the problems that were being created in South Africa: an ailing economy, plummeting direct foreign investment, no economic growth and a steadily rising rate of unemployment. I had a long term property portfolio but this was largely linked to how the country was doing. Airbnb was just starting out in South Africa and a friend told me about the crazy rates they were getting letting their place when they went on holiday (covering their entire overseas trip). I decided to give it a go and boy was it fantastic, I was destroying my previous rental three fold, it seemed too good to be true and the best part about it were the foreigners coming to stay at my properties. This meant their spending power was in no way linked to South Africa. In fact, the weaker the Rand became the more attractive we became as a destination. This went a long way to addressing my concerns about the country. The only problem was the amount of effort that went into keeping this beast going. More than the effort was having to be available 24/7. This was really killing me. Guests losing their keys at 2am, geysers bursting as I was sitting down for dinner and unruly guests having parties and causing damage to my properties. In these early days before I knew the optimum way to operate, I was running around like a headless chicken. Thankfully I did my research and learned many lessons through in the trenches, frontline experience and as a result we started getting requests to manage other peoples properties. I hired staff, teamed up with a friend and began creating departments, systems and processes to insure high quality guests, well-maintained properties and maximum rental returns. Manageair was born. I now have more time to spend with my family, my dog and being outside and active. Dream. Come. True

Manageair is now positioned to exploit your property in the most beneficial way possible. Hassle free with maximum returns.

Manage your inbox, property listing, price and search Optimization.

Benefit: Inbox messages answered immediately, listing optimised to attract more guests at higher rates, price set at optimal rate to get best mix of occupancy and price in order to extract maximum rental return value from the property.

World class cleaning 5 star hotel quality linens.

Benefit: only great results and 5 star ratings under the cleaning section which means more occupancy and the ability to charge a higher price. Your property is also checked for maintenance and inventory after every stay which means it remains in show room condition.

Communication, vetting guests and bookings.

Benefit: thorough vetting process means you won’t be left with a poor guest problem. We communicate with the guest in person and over the phone to insure they know exactly what the stay entails and there is no confusion which can lead to poor reviews. This leads to avoiding unnecessary complaints and damage to your property. An automated payment processor takes care of collecting payments you would otherwise have to do manually.

Management of account, maximise performance.

Benefit: By creating a listing which the platform recognises as premium, the platform algorithm gives your listing more exposure. The number one driver of this is great reviews which we are totally focused on. We have partnerships with travel agents locally and abroad to boost bookings and we have a direct booking website. We remarket to guests that have stayed. We target the film industry to get premium rates. We target corporates to access the business travel market better. All costs and management associated with the running of the property are dealt with by Manageair. We are a truly turnkey solution.

24/7 support and key exchange coordination.

Benefit: Being able to receive guests at all hours allows us to capture a market that most hosts can’t. As a result this improves occupancy and earnings. Guests are checked in, in an efficient pleasant manner and know everything about the apartment as per our explanations. Again boosting reviews and therefore occupancy and earnings.

Maintain property and replenishment of essentials.

Benefit: The maintenance and inventory check conducted after every stay allows us to make sure your property is always in show room condition. We are constantly replacing body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toilet freshener, linen freshener, toilet paper, cleaning products, tea, coffee, rusks, milk sugar and chocolates. Guests will feel well catered for and that we have gone above and beyond. Happy guests mean maximum returns which means happy owners.

Completely transparent owners portal.

Benefit: You can login to see your properties occupancy, the earnings, earnings per stay. You also receive a detailed statement at month end so you’re always in the loop.

Your own assigned property manager.

Benefit: Available at all times to execute your wishes or give you feedback on any information you would like about the property. To keep you in the loop and give you advice. To make sure your property is being run according to our standards. We enjoy forming lasting business relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial and enjoyable.

Industry leading photography.

Benefit: We have taken five years to find the photographers we are happy with and the results speak for themselves. Your pictures will be a cut above the rest. Besides reviews pictures are the next most important factor. This gives us a huge advantage. It leads to more bookings and revenue maximization. 

Concierge team.

Benefit: Our concierge team makes sure they find out what guests are here for and then provide advice to improve their stay. They are hospitable and leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling. As a consequence your reviews are improved and therefore occupancy and earnings are to.

Maintenance teams.

Benefit: We have multiple maintenance teams that keep your property in show room condition. As a result when something has deteriorated or broken it doesn’t stay that way long.

Interior design service.

Benefit: Our interior design service is there to turn your property into what we have analysed to be the most attractive look and feel for the area.

Stay whenever you like.

Benefit: Let us know your dates and we will have the property guest ready for you. Enjoy our guest experience.

Innovative industry leading software

Benefit: Our software has been integrated into our processes and systems in order to make us extremely efficient and take the human error out of the things that don’t require a human touch. It means a seamless connection between us, you and all the platforms we advertise on to attract guests. It means our pricing algorithm finds the best mix of price and occupancy to maximise your rental returns. It allows us to analyse the important areas and make decisions based on that analysis in order to improve our service to you, ratings and your earnings. There is now very little we miss which means your property is managed to the peak of what’s possibly long.

Welcome pack and gifts

Benefit: This shows that the host cares and has gone the extra mile. Again better reviews mean more occupancy and better financial performance for you.

Manageair has worked with over 400 property owners over the last five years. We are busy forming partnerships with developers in the form of capital point developments and Africost developers where we are running entire apart hotels. We are currently running all of Blok developers units which they still hold. We have relationships with 12J funds where we manage their hospitality properties so they qualify for the tax break. We have accommodated over 100,000 guests through our properties. We are recognised by Airbnb as one of the major professional host players in Cape Town. Our occupancy on all our properties for the Covid-19 2020 year was 62% and for the non Covid-19 year 2019 was 81%.

Danielle (client): Hi Jonathan, Dani here with unit 132 at Harbour Bridge. I just wanted to let you know that it’s been a pleasure working with Primrose and Saige, and I’ve been so impressed by the occupation levels that you’ve managed to achieve for the unit, especially during these trying times. A big thank you to everyone at ManageAir.

Better than Risk Free Guarantee

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